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 Abstract base class for the writeTo*Buffer classes.  Provides
 common attributes for frame buffer writing

This node is abstract

This node is MP safe

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Attributes (12)

evaluationMode, evaluationPassThrough, evaluationPassThroughB, evaluationPassThroughG, evaluationPassThroughR, outEvaluationPassThrough, outEvaluationPassThroughB, outEvaluationPassThroughG, outEvaluationPassThroughR, renderPass, scaleFactor, writeOperation

Long name (short name)TypeDefaultFlags
renderPass (rp) Messagen/ainputconnectablehidden
Connections from assosiated renderPass node. Used for resolving the name of the frame buffer to write to.
evaluationMode (em) enum2outputinputconnectablestorable
Determines the global behavior of the node.
writeOperation (wo) enum1outputinputconnectablestorable
Determines for the input value is combined with the value that is already in the frame buffer.
scaleFactor (sf) float1.0foutputinputconnectablestorable
Scale factor, optionally applied the color and alpha.
evaluationPassThrough (pt) float3outputinputconnectablestorable
EvaluationPassThrough Data connected to this input is copied directly outEvaluationPassThrough. Data flow through connection triggers the the frame buffer wite. By using pass through-based triggering, it is possible to control the order of frame buffer write, which may be important in certain use cases (e.g. compositing in the frame buffer).
evaluationPassThroughR (ptr) float0.5outputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Pass through red value
evaluationPassThroughG (ptg) float0.5outputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Pass through green value
evaluationPassThroughB (ptb) float0.5outputinputconnectablestorablekeyable
Pass through blue value
outEvaluationPassThrough (opt) float3outputconnectable
outEvaluationPassThrough Exact copy of what is received by evaluationPassThrough. Evaluating this output will trigger a frame buffer write.
outEvaluationPassThroughR (optr) float0.0outputconnectable
Pass through red value
outEvaluationPassThroughG (optg) float0.0outputconnectable
Pass through green value
outEvaluationPassThroughB (optb) float0.0outputconnectable
Pass through blue value