MToolsInfo Class Reference
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#include <MToolsInfo.h>

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Detailed Description

Tool information.

MToolsInfo is a caretaker class used to keep track of the state of the current tool property sheet. The tool writer should make sure to call the setDirtyFlag method when any of the values are modified. The dirty flag is used to indicate that the UI needs to be updated when the value of a tool property sheet option has changed.

Static Public Member Functions

static void setDirtyFlag (const MPxContext &context)
static void resetDirtyFlag ()
static bool isDirty ()

Member Function Documentation

void MToolsInfo::setDirtyFlag ( const MPxContext context  )  [static]

This method should be called by a tool when the value of a tool property sheet option has changed. The dirty flag will only be set if this is the current tool.

[in] context the context whose value has changed

void MToolsInfo::resetDirtyFlag (  )  [static]

This method resets the dirty flag, such that the state becomes clean.

bool MToolsInfo::isDirty (  )  [static]

This method returns whether or not the dirty flag is set.

true if the dirty flag is set, false otherwise.

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