Scripting commands

Use these script commands to list, query, or set FBX I/O Settings properties for the Maya FBX Plug-in, including properties created with a plug-in extension.

NoteThe scripting commands do not affect the settings in the FBX Export/Import Presets window.

The FBXProperty command lets you use every option available in the FBX plug-in user interface.

There is generally a scripting command that represents every option found in the Maya FBX Plug-in. However, if an option is added at the last moment and there is not yet a corresponding scripting command for it, you can use FBXProperty to access the new unscripted option.

Another use for the FBXProperty command is if no scripting command exists for you to use for a specific scripting workflow. With FBXProperty, you can still access the command.

NoteWe recommend using the normal scripting command if one exists. But if a command does not exist for an option, you can use the FBXProperty to reach it.
Command Description
FBXProperties Use this command to list all import and export properties available. This command returns the property path, type, and current value. If the property is an Enum, it returns every possible value.
FBXProperty Import|IncludeGrp|Light -v true Use this command to set an import value to true.
FBXProperty Import|IncludeGrp|Light -q Use this command to query an import value.
FBXProperty Export|IncludeGrp|Light -v true Use this command to set an export value to true.
FBXProperty Export|IncludeGrp|Light -q; Use this command to query an export value.

All script commands and paths in this section are case sensitive, so it is good practice to copy and paste them so you can have the exact path for the IO Settings when querying for a list of properties and their path.

NoteThese script commands support only Integer, Double, Bool, and Enum properties