Scale Factor

Displays the conversion value or Scale Factor that the plug-in applies to the entire incoming scene.

The Maya FBX Plug-in compares the units used in the host application with the units used in the file imported to determine the Scale Factor value. The plug-in then proposes a unit conversion that matches the system units in the host application. The displayed Scale Factor is the result of this calculation.

For example, if you import a scene from software that used centimeters as the working units to software that uses feet as units, the Scale Factor will be 2.54.

This option is always active, but if your File Units match the system units, the plug-in does not apply a scale conversion. No conversion is applied. The displayed Scale Factor is 1.0 in this case.

NoteIf you change the File Units Converted to: option, you can modify the Scale Factor value applied to incoming data.