Geometry cache file(s)

Activate this option to create a geometry cache file of a chosen selection set. To use this option, create a selection set of the objects for which you want to retain the vertex animation in Maya.

NoteYou must apply the set to the Objects Transform node and not the Shape node.

By default, any Geometry cache files created are in .MC format. When you activate this option, three files are generated:

The Maya FBX Plug-in stores the XML and MC files in a subfolder named after the FBX file and has the suffix FPC (_fpc).

For example, if you export a scene containing a cube named pCube1 to the FBX file myTest.fbx, you create the following files and folders:

The plug-in retains any MC geometry cache files that are already recorded (within the selection set).

Use the Set menu to select an appropriate set to export the geometry cache file.

When would I use this?

Use this option when you export nCloth deformations on an object to 3ds Max.