Axis conversion

The Maya FBX Exporter has two options for Axis Conversion in the UI. Y-up, or Z-up.

By default, the FBX Exporter always exports the Up Axis of the Host application. For Maya, this means that all scenes are exported with a Y-up world axis.

You can export your scene to a Z-up axis if the destination application does not support the Y-up world axis and cannot convert the Y-up world axis of your scene.

NoteThe FBX Exporter applies Axis Conversions only to root elements of the outgoing scene. If you have animation on a root object that must be converted on export, these animation curves are resampled to apply the proper axis conversion. To avoid resampling of these animation curves, make sure to add a Root Node (dummy object) as a parent of the animated object in your scene, before you export to FBX.