Generate log data

Deactivate the Generate log data option if you do not want warning and error information written to the log. However, if you do deactivate this option, the FBX Exporter/Importer does not write log data (such as errors and warnings,) to the generated log file. However, the file name and time stamp are still recorded in the log.

The Maya FBX Plug-in stores log files with the FBX presets, in C:\My Documents\Maya\FBX\Logs.

Why do I want to do this?

Occasionally, some batch imports/exports create very large warning/error files, and in this case you might want to disable this option.

Normally, it is recommended to leave the Generate log data option active, which is the default, as this helps you identify problems with file conversions.

Log files are important for tracking errors and warnings on export. It is not recommended to deactivate this option when you export a series of files, for example, in an automation or batch export because you will not receive any feedback about any issues that concern files during export. This lack of feedback can make it difficult to identify problem files which, in turn, makes diagnosing problems difficult.

TipBecause log data is appended to the same log file, after a while the size of this file become large. It is a good practice to delete the log file after a few exports, or before processing batch export or import.