The Collada options only appear in the UI when you select the DAE_FBX file type from the file browser when you export.

NoteWhen you export in Collada format, textures are not embedded, even when the Embed Textures option is activated. See Embed media.


This option automatically tessellates the exported polygon geometry.

Single matrix

This option ensures that there is only a single animation matrix for each node/object by baking all animation matrices into one.

Frame Rate

Use this field to set the frame rate of the scene on export.

NoteThe Maya FBX Plug-in does not support Lines or Linestrip nodes.
NoteThe Smoothing Groups option in the Collada importer does not import Smoothing Groups from the FBX file. Instead, when you activate this option, the Importer creates the Smoothing Groups during the import process. The Collada importer must create Smoothing Groups on Import because the FBX Collada exporter does not export Smoothing Groups data from 3ds Max. If you disable the Smoothing Groups option, no Smoothing Groups are generated by the Importer.