Changing Controller Properties

Certain controllers, including procedural ones like Noise, do not use keyframes. For this type of controller, you can analyze and change your animation by editing controller parameters by means of a Properties dialog. The controller type determines whether or not the controller displays a properties dialog and the type of information displayed.

Using Curve Editor you can view controller properties dialogs for multiple tracks simultaneously. The following rules govern viewing multiple controller properties dialogs:

Changing Controller Properties

Some controllers do not use keys, using instead a properties dialog that affects the entire animation. Such controllers are usually parametric controllers like Noise, or compound controllers like List.

To view controller properties in Curve Editor:

Do one of the following:

You can also view global properties for some transform controllers in the Motion panel. The same controls described above apply.

Controller properties can also be viewed from the track bar. Right-click any key and choose Controller Properties.

Changing Controller Key Information

Some controllers interpolate between keys that you set on specific frames. Such controllers are always single parameter controllers such as a Bezier Float controller for Height or TCB for Rotation. These controllers use a Key Info dialog that contains settings for one of more selected keys.

To view key information in the Curve Editor:

Viewing key information in the Motion panel always displays the settings for a single transform key.

To view key information for transform controllers in the Motion panel:

  1. Select an object.
  2. On the Motion panel, click Parameters, if it's not already active.
  3. Click Position, Rotation, or Scale on the Parameters rollout.

    If the transform controller uses keys, Key Info rollouts appear below the Parameters rollout.

To view key information for transform controllers in the track bar:

  1. Select an animated object.
  2. Right-click any key in the track bar.
  3. From the right-click menu, choose the property to inspect (e.g., Sphere01: X Position), or, if available, choose Controller Properties.

Changing Controllers That Do Not Display Properties

Some controller types do not display any properties in Track View or the Motion panel. You change the animation values of these controllers using the Auto Key button in the viewports and using the tools in the Curve Editor Keys and Curves menus, and in the track bar.