Local Euler XYZ Rotation Controller

This controller is no longer available. You can, however, still edit objects that were assigned this controller in previous versions.

The Local Euler Rotation controller is similar to the Euler XYZ Rotation controller, but the angles are with respect to the rotated object's local coordinate system. With the standard Euler Rotation controller, angles are with respect to parent coordinates. Parameters for this controller are displayed in the Motion panel.

The Local Euler XYZ Rotation controller has three rotation tracks to control rotation on the X, Y, and Z axes. Setting an X axis rotation key will not create keys in the Y and Z tracks on the same frame; each track can be keyed independently. The rotation order of the axes is set in the Motion panel.


The Local Euler parameters are displayed in the Motion panel.

Euler Parameters rollout

This rollout is displayed when you select Rotation in the PRS Parameters rollout.

Axis Order

Sets the order that rotations are calculated in the list. The default is X,Y,Z order, where the X axis is rotated first.


Displays controller properties for X axis rotation angle.


Displays controller properties for Y axis rotation angle.


Displays controller properties for Z axis rotation angle.

Each axis uses its own independent controller using the float data type. For example, the X and Y rotation axes could use Bezier Float controllers, while the Z Rotation axis uses a Noise Float controller.