Editing Tracks: Copying, Pasting, and Handling Instances and References

These topics describe how to copy and paste within Track View.

  • Copying and Pasting Items

    You can copy and paste geometry, lights, materials, and animation controllers between items in the Track View Hierarchy list of the controller window.

  • Copying and Pasting Objects

    In the Track View controller window you can use the Hierarchy list to copy and paste objects. This allows you to replace the geometry of one animated object with the geometry of another object. This is similar to the functionality provided by XRef objects and scenes where you have to option of defining proxy or stand-in objects.

  • Making Instance and Reference Controllers and Objects Unique

    You can convert instanced and referenced objects into unique objects by clicking Make Controller Unique on the Track View toolbar or by choosing Make Unique on the Controller menu. The result of clicking Make Unique depends on how the object was instanced or referenced, and which object container you select in the Hierarchy list.