Visualizing the Simulation

As soon as you've set up a MassFX simulation, you can test the settings by playing it in the viewports. If problems occur, sometimes it's obvious what's going wrong, but if not you can use the MassFX Visualizer to analyze the simulation in detail.

Running the Simulation

To start the simulation, click the Start Simulation button on the MassFX toolbar. As the simulation runs, it updates in all visible viewports, showing you the results of the simulation as it progresses.

When the simulation starts, display of physical meshes is disabled. If you want to see these (and more) during simulation, use the MassFX Visualizer.

Enabling the MassFX Visualizer

The MassFXVisualizer provides real-time visual information about the simulation, as it runs, in the viewports. To enable it:

  1. Open the MassFX Tools dialog.
  2. Go to the Display panel.
  3. On the MassFX Visualizer rollout, turn on Enable Visualizer and turn on the properties to display during the simulation.

The properties include Collision Meshes, which display physical meshes for every rigid body in the simulation.