Track View Toolbars

Track View has a number of toolbars for managing controllers and animation. The toolbars can be floated, docked, and rearranged as you like. (Most toolbar commands are also available from the Track View menu bar.)

Not all toolbars are visible by default. To see the hidden toolbars, right-click an empty area between toolbars, choose Show Toolbars, and then pick the toolbar you want to display.

  • Common Track View Toolbars

    These toolbars appear or are available in both Track View modes: Curve Editor and Dope Sheet. They provide tools for managing various Track View functions, including using track selections, navigation, and controllers.

  • Curve Editor Toolbars

    These toolbars are visible or available the Curve Editor is open, and in general contain controls for editing animation data in the form of function curves.

  • Dope Sheet Toolbars

    These toolbars are visible by default when you open the Dope Sheet. For the most part, they contain controls that are active only in the Dope Sheet.