MACUtilities Utility
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You can use the Motion Analysis Corporation utility to convert motion data originally recorded in TRC format into character studio marker (CSM) format. This allows you to easily map the motion onto a biped.

A MNM (Marker Name) file is needed to determine how to convert the marker names from the incoming data into the CSM naming convention. You can either load an existing MNM file or create a new one using the MNM Creator/Marker Selection dialog.


To convert a TRC file into CSM:

  1. Click the Browse button next to Create.
  2. Highlight a MNM file in the Select Mapping File dialog. Click Open to confirm your selection.

    The MNM file serves as a naming convention reference for the TRC conversion.

  3. Click the Browse button over Convert TRC To CSM.
  4. Highlight a folder in the Choose CSM Files Destination Folder dialog. Click Use Path to confirm your selection.

    After the conversion, the resulting CSM file is saved in this folder.

  5. Turn on Use MNM Filter File.
  6. Turn off Use TRC Filename.
  7. Click Convert TRC to CSM.

    3ds Max opens a Select Source TRC Files dialog.

  8. Highlight a TRC file and click Open to confirm your selection.

    3ds Max opens a Selected Target CSM File dialog.

  9. Either highlight an existing CSM file to overwrite or enter a new filename. Click OK to confirm your selection.

    Your file is converted into CSM format. You can now load it onto a biped.


MNM Mapping File

Displays the path and name of the chosen MNM file.


Launches the MNM Creator/Marker Selection dialog, which creates a MNM file to use in the conversion process.


Lets you pick a custom mapping file to use in the conversion process.

CSM Output Folder

Displays the folder path where the CSM file is generated.


Lets you pick a folder in which 3ds Max saves the generated CSM file.

Convert TRC To CSM

Lets you first pick the TRC file to convert. The resulting CSM file is named after the original TRC file.

NoteIf Use TRC Filename is turned off, a second dialog opens so you can pick an existing CSM file to overwrite or create a new one.

Options group

Use MNM Filter File

When on, the MNM file is used in the conversion process. Default=on.

NoteTurn off if the TRC marker names already follow the CSM standard naming convention.
Batch File Conversion

Enables you to pick multiple TRC files to convert.

TipUse this option to save time when you need to convert multiple TRC files.
Use TRC Filename

When off, you can customize the resulting CSM filename. When on, the CSM file is named after the TRC file. Available only when Batch File Conversion is off. Default=on.

Translation Offset group


Turn on to add an offset to the resulting data's position.

TRC Space/3ds max Space

Choose between an offset space relative to the TRC data's root or to your scene.


Sets the offset value for each position axis.