Mixer Rollout
Command entry:Select a biped. Motion panel Biped rollout (Mixer Mode) Mixer rollout

On this rollout, you can load and save Motion Mixer (MIX) files. A saved MIX file can be loaded onto any biped in the scene, and motions in the mix will be automatically adapted to the biped's size.

The Mixer rollout appears when Mixer Mode is turned on from the Biped rollout.

MIX Files

A MIX file contains data from the Motion Mixer, including information on trackgroups, tracks, clips, transitions and balance information. Compare with a mixdown, which contains the same data, but in a collapsed format; the data is no longer separated into tracks and clips.


Load File

Loads a Motion Mixer file (.mix). These files include the following, which display in the Motion Mixer window when a MIX file is loaded:

  • TrackgroupsGroups of tracks for selected parts of the biped.
  • Tracks Layer tracks and transition tracks where clips and transitions reside.
  • ClipsReferences to BIP animation files used in the mix.
  • TransitionsConnections between clips on transition tracks.
NoteLoading a MIX file does not automatically open the Motion Mixer. Click Mixer on the Biped Apps rollout to open the Motion Mixer and see the loaded mix.
Save File

Saves the currently selected biped's mix in the Motion Mixer to a MIX file.