Linear Controller
Command entry:Main toolbar (Curve Editor (Open)) Select a track in the Track View hierarchy. Track View menu bar Controller menu Assign Linear
Command entry:Graph Editors Track View - Curve Editor Select a track in the Track View hierarchy. Track View toolbar Controller menu Assign Linear
Command entry:Animation menu Position, Rotation or Scale controllers Linear

The Linear controller interpolates between animation keys by evenly dividing the change from one key value to the next by the amount of time between the keys.

Linear controllers do not display a properties dialog. The only information stored in a linear key are the time and animation values.

Use Linear controllers whenever you want a very regular, even transition from one key to the next. For example, use a Linear controller for:


To assign a Linear controller:

  1. Select an animated object.
  2. On the Motion panel Parameters Assign Controller rollout, select the Position track in the list window.
  3. Click (Assign Controller), and then select Linear Position in the Assign Controller dialog.

    The animated object has a mechanical motion.

    You can also assign this controller in Track View.


No Properties dialog is available for Linear controllers. You can, however, move keys in Track View to change the animation.


Change linear key time. Move keys horizontally in Track View Edit Keys or Function Curves mode.


Change linear animation values by moving keys vertically in Track View Function Curves mode, change the parameter value in the viewport with Auto Key on.