Load/Save Presets Rollout (PArray)
Command entry: Create panel )Geometry) Choose Particle Systems from the drop-down list. Object Type rollout SuperSpray/Blizzard/Parray/PCloud Load/Save Presets rollout
Command entry:Select a SuperSpray/Blizzard/Parray/PCloud emitter. Modify panel Load/Save Presets rollout

These options let you store preset values that can be used in other, related particle systems. For example, after setting parameters for a PArray and saving it under a specific name, you can then select another PArray system, and load the preset values into the new system.


Preset Name

An editable field in which you can define a name for your settings. Click the Save button to save the preset name.

Saved Presets

Contains all the saved preset names. A number of presets are included with 3ds Max; to see what they do, create a particle system, load a preset, and play back the animation. Some of the presets, such as Particle Array's Shimmer Trail, are most effective with moving particle systems.


Loads the preset currently highlighted in the Saved Presets list. Alternatively, double-click the preset name in the list to load it.


Saves the current name in the Preset Name field and places it in the Saved Presets window.


Deletes the selected items in the Save Presets window.

NoteAnimated parameter values subsequent to frame 0 are not stored.