Rigid Bodies & Constraints

Rigid bodies and constraints are the core components of a MassFX simulation. The topics in this section are intended to help you understand how to use them.

  • Rigid Body Overview

    A rigid body is an object in the physical simulation whose shape and size do not change. For instance, if you make a cylinder in your scene into a rigid body, it might bounce, roll, and slide around, but it never bends or snaps, no matter how much force is applied.

  • Working with Rigid Bodies

    MassFX provides tools for creating rigid bodies as well as adjusting their settings and their physical meshes: objects' representations within the simulation.

  • Constraining Physics Objects

    As the name suggests, a MassFX constraint (or "joint") restricts the movement of rigid bodies in the simulation. Some examples of constraints in the real world include hinges, nails, zip lines, and axles.