Adjust Color Dialog (VertexPaint Modifier)
Command entry:Select an object. Modify panel Modifier List VertexPaint VertexPaint Paintbox Click the Adjust Color button.
Command entry:Select an object. Modifiers menu Mesh Editing Vertex Paint VertexPaint Paintbox Click (Adjust Color).
Command entry:Select an object. 7 Utilities panel More Assign Vertex Colors Click Assign to Selected Modify panel Modifier List VertexPaint VertexPaint Paintbox Click (Adjust Color).

The Adjust Color dialog lets you adjust the color of currently selected vertices. If there is no active vertex sub-object selection, it affects all vertices equally.


See Red, Green, Blue / Hue, Saturation, Value.


When on, vertex color adjustments are previewed interactively in shaded viewports (provided that on the Paintbox, Vertex Color Display - Unshaded or Vertex Color Display - Shaded is active). Default=on.

Contrast slider

Lets you adjust the contrast of the vertex colors.

Histogram and Input-Level Spinners


Graphically shows the distribution of colors in the vertex selection, as well as the current shadow, gamma, and highlight input levels.

The shadow, gamma, and highlight input levels can help you adjust 3ds Max viewport color to better match your target hardware display (such as a game engine).

Shadow level

Adjusts the level of shadow display.

Gamma level

Adjusts the gamma display. This value is a gamma correction value.

Highlight level

Adjusts the level of highlight display.

When you adjust a level, the corresponding arrow moves on the histogram, to indicate the current setting. (However, you can't graphically drag the arrows.)



Click to apply the current settings to vertex colors, without closing the dialog.


Click to restore dialog settings to their defaults.