Hierarchy Panel Commands

Once you have set up a hierarchy using the Select and Link command or a system such as Bones, you can manage it using the Hierarchy panel.

The Hierarchy panel has three tabs:



Link Info

You use the Pivot tab to adjust the pivot points of objects in the hierarchy. You use the IK tab to manage the behavior of inverse kinematics (IK). You use the Link Info tab to apply locks or inheritance to movement within the hierarchy.

See Also
  • Pivot

    Every object has a pivot point that represents its local center and local coordinate system.

  • IK

    The IK rollouts contain controls for interactive IK and the HD IK solver.

  • Link Info

    This part of the Hierarchy panel contains two rollouts. The Locks rollout has controls to restrict the movement of objects in a particular axis. The Inherit rollout has controls to limit the transforms that a child inherits from its parent object.