User Showcase

In the 3ds Max tutorials, we teach you the tools to use the software. Put those tools in the hands of talented artists and magic happens.

Here is a gallery of images by creative individuals from around the world using this software. We hope you find these images inspiring before you set out on your journey of learning 3ds Max.

Le Rabbit

José Alves da Silva

Composition: Childhood Toys

Vincent Dany

Copyright © 2008

Gull and Me

Dejan Kober

Office Floor

Jamie Cardoso, GMJ Design Ltd

Chinese Opera

James Ku

The Ancient Indian Crown

Kameswaran Ramachandran Iyer, India

Ice Cubes

José Manuel Elizardo, Autodesk, Inc.


José Manuel Elizardo, Autodesk, Inc.

Pete Draper

Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds Max, Third edition

Elsevier (Focal Press), © 2009

Only Human

Jacques Pena

Unpleasant Company

Metin Seven

A Living Room

Frances Gainer Davey

Guardian of the Enchanted Forest

Marc Tan, Insane Polygons

Old Courtyard

Pradipta Seth

by Tommy Hjalmarsson

by Tommy Hjalmarsson

Student Breakfast

Jean-Yves Arboit, Belgium

Electric Water

Johannes Schlörb

The Sky Fisherman

Akin Bilgic

Ripples of Spring

Casey McGovern

Indian Beauty

Jaykar Arudra, AMM Studio, India

by Ben Paine


Thilan Harshadhamma

Old Sunflowers

Joana Garrido (Caixa D'Imagens), Portugal

Pistol Pete

Martin Coven

Sommar Torp: "Summer House"

Sören Larsson, Sweden


Daniel Martínez Lara (Pepeland)

Yesterday, The Lost Time

Zhelong Xu

All images are copyright. Reproduction and distribution is not permitted without the owner's permission.