Object XSIFactory.CreateObject( String Name );


oReturn = XSIFactory.CreateObject( NamespaceID );


CustomPropertyCustomOperator などの Softimage オブジェクト。


パラメータ タイプ 説明
NamespaceID String タイプ名。自己インストールカスタムプロパティまたは CustomOperator の場合は、PluginRegistrar.RegisterProperty および PluginRegistrar.RegisterOperator で指定された名前になります。

1. JScript の例


	This example shows how to create a temporary instance of the Self-Installed 

	Custom Property called "CustomColor". This object is not part of the scene 

	so you don't have to delete it after you are done using it.


var oColor = XSIFactory.CreateObject( "CustomColor" )

bCancelled = InspectObj( oColor, null, "Pick your favorite color", siModal, false ) ;

if ( !bCancelled )


	Application.LogMessage( "You picked " + oColor.Color_R.Value + "," + oColor.Color_G.Value + "," + oColor.Color_B.Value ) ;


2. VBScript の例


' This example shows a typical use of XSIFactory.CreateObject to create a temporary

' CustomProperty object used as the UI for an Import or Export operation.


' There are two routines.  DoScanUI is a user-friendly version that lets the user pick

' the options for the operation via a temporary custom pset.  It then calls DoScanLowLevel 

' which does the actual operation without any UI.


DoScanUI Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath ), false 

sub DoScanUI( in_defaultScanLocation, in_bRecursive )

	if NOT Application.Interactive then			

		' If you want your script to work in batch mode you could skip the modal dialog box and just 

		' use the default values.  But it would be clearly code to call DoScanLowLevel directly.

		DoScanLowLevel in_defaultScanLocation, in_bRecursive

		exit sub

	end if

	' This CustomProperty is not part of the scene 

	' and will not be persisted

	set oTempPSet = XSIFactory.CreateObject( "CustomProperty" )

	oTempPSet.Name = "Scan Options"

	oTempPSet.AddParameter3 "ScanFolder", siString

	oTempPSet.AddParameter3 "Recursive", siBool, , , , false

	' Establish the default values in the Custom PSet

	oTempPSet.ScanFolder.Value = in_defaultScanLocation

	oTempPSet.Recursive.Value = in_bRecursive

	' Build a custom layout

	set oLayout = oTempPSet.PPGLayout

	oLayout.AddItem "ScanFolder", "Scan Folder", siControlFolder

	oLayout.AddItem "Recursive"

	' Show the custom ui, Softimage is frozen until the user closes the dialog

	bCancel = InspectObj( oTempPSet,,,siModal,false )

	if bCancel then

		Logmessage "Operation cancelled"


		'Read the values from the pset	

		strScanLocation = oTempPSet.ScanFolder.Value

		bRecursive = oTempPSet.Recursive.Value

		DoScanLowLevel strScanLocation, bRecursive 

	end if

	' No need to call DeleteObj

end sub

sub DoScanLowLevel( in_folder, in_bRecursive )

	' Do the scanning operation not actually implemented in this example)

	strMsg = "Doing "

	if in_bRecursive then

		strMsg = strMsg & "recursive "

	end if

	Application.LogMessage strMsg & "scan of " & in_folder

end sub