Expression Property Editor


Controls a mathematical expression that drives a parameter value.

For more information about expressions in general, see Animating with Expressions [Animation].

To apply: Use the Animation menu to set an expression on a parameter.

To display: Open the property editor that contains the parameter driven by the expression - the Expression property is available on a tab within it. To open the Expression property editor by itself, make sure that an explorer is set to show animatable parameters, then expand the parameter and click the Expression operator's icon.


Whether the expression drives the parameter value. Turn this option off to "mute" the expression.


The parameter driven by the expression. This is provided for information only and cannot be changed in the property editor.


The mathematical formula that defines the expression. For a description of supported functions and their syntax, see Expression Function Reference.


Any text you want to add, for example, to document the purpose of the expression.

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