ViewCube Preferences


To display: Choose File Preferences and click ViewCube.

For information about using the ViewCube, see Navigating with the ViewCube [Basics].

Show the ViewCube

Enables or disables the ViewCube for navigating in 3D views.


On-screen Position

Controls the placement of the ViewCube in the views. Any other information that may be displayed in the views, such as DisplayInfo parameters or the viewport slate, gets shifted as appropriate.

ViewCube Size

Controls the size of the ViewCube.

Inactive Opacity

Controls how the ViewCube fades when the mouse pointer is not nearby. You can hide the ViewCube when the mouse is not close to it by setting this value to 0%.

When Dragging on the ViewCube

Snap to Closest View

Controls whether the ViewCube snaps to a predefined face, edge, or corner viewing angle when it is dragged to a nearby position.

When Clicking on the ViewCube

Fit-to-View on View Change

Controls whether the current selection (or all visible objects if nothing is selected) is framed when clicking on the ViewCube.

Use Animated Transitions when Switching Views

Controls whether the view moves smoothly or jumps to a new viewing angle.


Show the Compass Below the ViewCube

Displays the compass at the bottom of the ViewCube.

Angle of North

Sets the compass' north direction in degrees clockwise from the scene's negative Z direction.

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