Lighting and Shading


The term "material" is used to refer to the cumulative effect of all of the shaders that you use to alter an object's look and feel. Strictly speaking, though, materials in Softimage are really just containers for, or connection points to, an object's various attributes. If an object's material has no shaders attached to it, nothing defines the object's look, and the object won't render.

Lighting is a process of creating and configuring different light sources on scenes and objects.

Shaders are rendering tools that you use to create anything from basic object surfaces to a variety of special effects. Shaders help you achieve just about any visual effect you can imagine.

Textures are images that control the visible properties of an object across its surface.

This section describes how to work with materials and shaders, creating and configuring lights sources, tools and methods for texturing objects in Autodesk® Softimage®.

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