Get Action Source at Frame




Returns the value at a specific frame of an item stored in an animation source. This is especially useful for crowd simulations, but can be used with any animation data stored in a source.




The name of an item stored in an action source, for example, Sources.Model.StoredFcvPose.bone_kine_local_posx.

In the case of pos, rot, and scl, if you leave off the axis indicator at the end of the string then all three axes' values will be returned as a 3D vector. For rotations, you can then convert the returned Euler angles to the rotation data type (axis and angle) by using an Euler to Rotation node and specifying the rotation order. However if you key the rotation order on the original object and include it in the action source, then the rot value is returned as a rotation instead of a vector.


The local time of the animation source for which to return the value.

In Name

A name to prefix to Reference to fully resolve the name.



The value of the item at the frame.

Out Name

The fully resolved name of the item (In Name + Reference).

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