Display Options Dialog Box (Flipbook)


Allows you to adjust a number of display options for the flipbook.

For more information about the flipbook in general, see Previewing Animation in a Flipbook [Basics].

To display: From the flipbook, choose View Display Options.

Image Pixel Ratio

Adjusts the image's pixel ratio while the image is displayed by the flipbook.

OpenEXR/HDR Settings

These options are for use with High Dynamic Range images, and have an effect only when the image file format is either HDR (.hdr) or OpenEXR (.exr).

Exposure (f-stop)

Offsets the image's original exposure in f-stop units. Higher values increase the exposure, brightening the image, while low values decrease the exposure, darkening the image.

A value of 0 is the image's default exposure, while non-zero values offset the default by the specified number of f-stops in either direction. The offset can range from an f-stop value of -12 to 12.

Display Gamma

Performs a display-only gamma correction in order to properly display the image on a monitor.

This value has an effect only when the image is displayed in any of Softimage's textured display modes, or in an image clip viewer, property editor, flipbook, and so on. It is ignored for rendering purposes.

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