The Softimage object type constant strings.

C# Syntax

StringModule.si2PntCnsType                                                  // 2ptscns
StringModule.si3DObjectType                                                 // #3dobject
StringModule.si3PntCnsType                                                  // 3ptscns
StringModule.siActionClipType                                               // actionclip
StringModule.siActionType                                                   // Action
StringModule.siAddEdgeOpType                                                // addedgeop
StringModule.siAddMeshPntOpType                                             // addmeshpointsop
StringModule.siAddNurbsCrvPntOpType                                         // addnurbscrvpointsop
StringModule.siAddNurbsSrfPntOpType                                         // addnurbssrfpointsop
StringModule.siAddPntMiddleCrvType                                          // addpt_middlecrv
StringModule.siAddPntMiddleSrfOpType                                        // addpt_middlesrf
StringModule.siAmbientLightingType                                          // AmbientLighting
StringModule.siArcPrimType                                                  // arc
StringModule.siAttractorCtrlType                                            // attractor
StringModule.siAutoCageAssignOpType                                         // autocageassign
StringModule.siAutoEnvAssignOpType                                          // autoenvassign
StringModule.siBallJointCnsType                                             // BallJointCns
StringModule.siBasePathCnsType                                              // basepathcns
StringModule.siBendOpType                                                   // bendop
StringModule.siBevelOpType                                                  // bevelop
StringModule.siBirail2GenOpType                                             // Birail2Generators
StringModule.siBirailOpType                                                 // birail
StringModule.siBlasterOpType                                                // blasterop
StringModule.siBlendCrvOpType                                               // blendcrv
StringModule.siBlendSrfOpType                                               // blendsrf
StringModule.siBooleanGenOpType                                             // booleangen
StringModule.siBooleanSrfTopoOpType                                         // booleansrftopoop
StringModule.siBPlaneCnsType                                                // bplanecns
StringModule.siBridgeOpType                                                 // bridgeop
StringModule.siBrushPropertiesType                                          // BrushProperties
StringModule.siBulgeOpType                                                  // bulgeop
StringModule.siBVolCnsType                                                  // bvolcns
StringModule.siCageDeformOpType                                             // cagedeformop
StringModule.siCamDispType                                                  // camdisp
StringModule.siCameraLensFlareType                                          // CameraLensFlare
StringModule.siCameraPrimType                                               // camera
StringModule.siCameraRootPrimType                                           // CameraRoot
StringModule.siCameraTxtOpType                                              // CameraTxt
StringModule.siCamVisType                                                   // camvis
StringModule.siCapOpType                                                    // capop
StringModule.siCenterOpType                                                 // center
StringModule.siChainBonePrimType                                            // bone
StringModule.siChainEffPrimType                                             // eff
StringModule.siChainRootPrimType                                            // root
StringModule.siCirclePrimType                                               // circle
StringModule.siCleanCrvOpType                                               // cleancrv
StringModule.siCleanSrfOpType                                               // cleansrf
StringModule.siClothOpType                                                  // ClothOp
StringModule.siClothPropType                                                // ClothProp
StringModule.siCloudPrimType                                                // cloud
StringModule.siClsColorType                                                 // clscolor
StringModule.siClsCtrOpType                                                 // clsctr
StringModule.siClsKeyType                                                   // clskey
StringModule.siClsKeyWgtMapOpType                                           // ClusterKeyWeightMap
StringModule.siClsPoseType                                                  // clspose
StringModule.siClsShapeCombinerOpType                                       // clustershapecombiner
StringModule.siClsUVSpaceTxtType                                            // uvspace
StringModule.siCoBBoxSclOpType                                              // CoBBoxSclOp
StringModule.siCollapseOpType                                               // collapseop
StringModule.siConePrimType                                                 // cone
StringModule.siCoPoseFCrvOpType                                             // CoPoseFcurveOp
StringModule.siCopyOpType                                                   // copyop
StringModule.siCopyShapeOpType                                              // copyshape
StringModule.siCopyUVWOpType                                                // Copyuvw
StringModule.siCreatePolyOpType                                             // createpolygonop
StringModule.siCrvCnsType                                                   // curvecns
StringModule.siCrvCreationOpType                                            // CurveCreationOp
StringModule.siCrvCtrlOpType                                                // CrvControlOp
StringModule.siCrvCutOpType                                                 // CrvCutOp
StringModule.siCrvDeformOpType                                              // crvdeform
StringModule.siCrvListAggregatePrimType                                     // crvlistaggregate
StringModule.siCrvListPrimType                                              // crvlist
StringModule.siCrvListToMeshOpType                                          // CurveListToMesh
StringModule.siCrvNetOpType                                                 // curvenet
StringModule.siCrvOpenCloseOpType                                           // crvopenclose
StringModule.siCrvReparamOpType                                             // crvreparam
StringModule.siCrvShiftOpType                                               // crvshift
StringModule.siCubePrimType                                                 // cube
StringModule.siCustomParamSet                                               // customparamset
StringModule.siCycleUVWType                                                 // Cycleuvw
StringModule.siCylinderPrimType                                             // cylinder
StringModule.siDeformBySpineOp2Type                                         // deformbyspineop2
StringModule.siDeformBySpineOpType                                          // deformbyspineop
StringModule.siDeformOpType                                                 // deformop
StringModule.siDeleteCompOpType                                             // deletecompop
StringModule.siDelPntCrvOpType                                              // delpt_crv
StringModule.siDGlowType                                                    // dglow
StringModule.siDirCnsType                                                   // dircns
StringModule.siDiscPrimType                                                 // disc
StringModule.siDisplayType                                                  // display
StringModule.siDissolveCompOpType                                           // dissolvecompop
StringModule.siDistanceOpType                                               // DistanceOp
StringModule.siDistCnsType                                                  // distcns
StringModule.siDodecahedronPrimType                                         // dodecahedron
StringModule.siDragCtrlPrimType                                             // drag
StringModule.siEddyCtrlPrimType                                             // eddy
StringModule.siEditPolyOpType                                               // editpolygonop
StringModule.siEmissionPropType                                             // EmissionProp
StringModule.siEnvelopOpType                                                // envelopop
StringModule.siEnvSelClsOpType                                              // EnvSelClsOp
StringModule.siEnvWgtType                                                   // envweights
StringModule.siExplosionOpType                                              // ExplosionOp
StringModule.siExtendCrv2PntOpType                                          // extendcrv2pt
StringModule.siExtendToCrvOpType                                            // extendtocrv
StringModule.siExtractCrvOpType                                             // extractcrv
StringModule.siExtractCrvSegOpType                                          // extractcrvseg
StringModule.siExtractPolyOpType                                            // extractpolygons
StringModule.siExtractSubCrvOpType                                          // extractsubcrv
StringModule.siExtrude2ProfsOpType                                          // extrude2profs
StringModule.siExtrudeCompAxisOpType                                        // extrudecompaxisop
StringModule.siExtrudeComponentOpType                                       // extrudecomponentop
StringModule.siExtrusionOpType                                              // extrusion
StringModule.siFanType                                                      // fan
StringModule.siFilletCrvOpType                                              // filletcrv
StringModule.siFilletSrfOpType                                              // Fillet Surfaces
StringModule.siFillHoleOpType                                               // fillHoleOp
StringModule.siFilterEdgeOpType                                             // filteredgeop
StringModule.siFilterPolyOpType                                             // filterpolygonop
StringModule.siFitCrvOpType                                                 // fitcrv
StringModule.siFitSrfOpType                                                 // fitsrf
StringModule.siFlipUVWOpType                                                // Flipuvw
StringModule.siFluidOpType                                                  // FluidOp
StringModule.siFoldOpType                                                   // foldop
StringModule.siFourSidedOpType                                              // foursided
StringModule.siFurOpType                                                    // furop
StringModule.siFurPrimType                                                  // fur
StringModule.siFurPropType                                                  // furProp
StringModule.siFurSimOpType                                                 // furSimop
StringModule.siGeneratorOpType                                              // generatorop
StringModule.siGeomApproxType                                               // geomapprox
StringModule.siGeoShaderPrimType                                            // GeoShader
StringModule.siGeoTxtOpType                                                 // GeoTxtOp
StringModule.siGlobalType                                                   // global
StringModule.siGravityCtrlType                                              // gravity
StringModule.siGridPrimType                                                 // grid
StringModule.siGroup                                                        // #Group
StringModule.siGroupType                                                    // #Group
StringModule.siHealOpType                                                   // heal
StringModule.siHealUVWOpType                                                // healuvw
StringModule.siIcosahedronPrimType                                          // icosahedron
StringModule.siImageClipType                                                // ImageClip
StringModule.siImageCropOpType                                              // ImageCropOp
StringModule.siImageFXOpType                                                // ImageFXOp
StringModule.siImageObjectType                                              // ImageObject
StringModule.siImageSourceOpType                                            // ImageSourceOp
StringModule.siImageSourceType                                              // ImageSource
StringModule.siInsertCrvKnotOpType                                          // InsertCrvKnot
StringModule.siInsSrfKnotOpType                                             // inssrfknot
StringModule.siIntersectSrfOpType                                           // intersectsrf
StringModule.siInvCrvOpType                                                 // invcrv
StringModule.siInvertPolyOpType                                             // invertpolygonop
StringModule.siInvisiblePolygonsClusterName                                 // InvisiblePolygons
StringModule.siInvSrfOpType                                                 // invsrf
StringModule.siKineChainPropType                                            // KineChainProp
StringModule.siKineChainType                                                // chain
StringModule.siKineCnsType                                                  // kinecns
StringModule.siKineInfoType                                                 // kine
StringModule.siKineJointType                                                // joint
StringModule.siLatticeOpType                                                // lattice
StringModule.siLatticePrimType                                              // lattice
StringModule.siLayersType                                                   // Layers
StringModule.siLightLensFlareType                                           // LightLensFlare
StringModule.siLightPrimType                                                // light
StringModule.siLineCnsType                                                  // LineCns
StringModule.siLocalType                                                    // local
StringModule.siLoftOpType                                                   // loft
StringModule.siMapCompOpType                                                // mapCompOp
StringModule.siMarkHardEdgeVertexOpType                                     // MarkHardEdgeVertex
StringModule.siMaterialType                                                 // material
StringModule.siMergeCrvOpType                                               // mergecrv
StringModule.siMergeMeshOpType                                              // mergemesh
StringModule.siMergeSrfOpType                                               // mergesrf
StringModule.siMeshLocalSubdivisionOpType                                   // meshlocalsubdivisionop
StringModule.siMeshSubdivOpType                                             // MeshSubdivide
StringModule.siMeshSubdivWithCenterOpType                                   // MeshSubdivideWithCenter
StringModule.siMixerAnimClipType                                            // mixeranimclip
StringModule.siMixerAnimTrackType                                           // mixeranimtrack
StringModule.siMixerAudioClipType                                           // mixeraudioclip
StringModule.siMixerAudioTrackType                                          // mixeraudiotrack
StringModule.siMixerPropType                                                // MixerProp
StringModule.siMixerShapeClipType                                           // mixershapeclip
StringModule.siMixerShapeTrackType                                          // mixershapetrack
StringModule.siMixerType                                                    // mixer
StringModule.siModelClipType                                                // model_clip
StringModule.siModelNullPrimType                                            // modelnull
StringModule.siModelType                                                    // #model
StringModule.siMotionBlurType                                               // motionblur
StringModule.siMoveComponentOpType                                          // movecomponentop
StringModule.siNPntCnsType                                                  // Nptscns
StringModule.siNullPrimType                                                 // null
StringModule.siNurbsToMeshOpType                                            // nurbstomesh
StringModule.siObjClsCnsType                                                // objclscns
StringModule.siObstaclePropType                                             // ObstacleProp
StringModule.siOctahedronPrimType                                           // octahedron
StringModule.siOffsetClsOpType                                              // offsetclusterop
StringModule.siOffsetCrvOpType                                              // offsetcrv
StringModule.siOffsetSrfOpType                                              // offsetsrf
StringModule.siOpenCloseSrfOpType                                           // openclosesrf
StringModule.siOriCnsType                                                   // oricns
StringModule.siOverrideType                                                 // #Override
StringModule.siParDecayType                                                 // ParDecay
StringModule.siParObstExtSparksType                                         // ParObstExtSparks
StringModule.siParticleEventType                                            // ParticleEvent
StringModule.siParticlesOpType                                              // ParticlesOp
StringModule.siPathCnsType                                                  // pathcns
StringModule.siPinJointCnsType                                              // PinJointCns
StringModule.siPlaneCnsType                                                 // PlaneCns
StringModule.siPointCloudPrimType                                           // PointCloud
StringModule.siPolyMeshPNetOpType                                           // PolyMeshPNetOp
StringModule.siPolyMeshType                                                 // polymsh
StringModule.siPosCnsType                                                   // poscns
StringModule.siPoseCnsType                                                  // posecns
StringModule.siProjectCrvOpType                                             // projectcrv
StringModule.siProportionalOpType                                           // proportional
StringModule.siPropVolumeOpType                                             // propvolumeop
StringModule.siPushOpType                                                   // pushop
StringModule.siQStretchOpType                                               // qstretch
StringModule.siRandomizeOpType                                              // randomizeop
StringModule.siRefPlaneType                                                 // refplane
StringModule.siRelaxUVWOpType                                               // Relaxuvw
StringModule.siRemoveCrvKnotOpType                                          // RemoveCrvKnot
StringModule.siRemSrfKnotOpType                                             // remsrfknot
StringModule.siRenderMapType                                                // rendermap
StringModule.siRevolutionOpType                                             // revolution
StringModule.siRotoscopeType                                                // rotoscope
StringModule.siSceneAmbienceType                                            // ambience
StringModule.siSceneColorsType                                              // Scenecolors
StringModule.siSclCnsType                                                   // sclcns
StringModule.siSCMFixerOpType                                               // scmfixerop
StringModule.siSCMTopologyOpType                                            // scmtopologyop
StringModule.siScriptedOpType                                               // scriptedop
StringModule.siSetEdgeCreaseValueOpType                                     // SetEdgeCreaseValue
StringModule.siShapeActionCompoundClipType                                  // ShapeActionCompoundClip
StringModule.siShapeActionType                                              // ShapeAction
StringModule.siShearOpType                                                  // shearop
StringModule.siShrinkWrapOpType                                             // shrinkwrap
StringModule.siSkelCtrlOpPropType                                           // SkeletonCtrlOpProp
StringModule.siSmoothEnvelopeWgtOpType                                      // smoothenvelopeweight
StringModule.siSnapBoundOpType                                              // snapbound
StringModule.siSnapCrvOpType                                                // SnapCrvsOp
StringModule.siSnipSrfOpType                                                // snipsrf
StringModule.siSoftBodyOpType                                               // SoftBodyOp
StringModule.siSpherePrimType                                               // sphere
StringModule.siSpineDefOp2Type                                              // spinedefop2
StringModule.siSpineDefOpType                                               // spinedefop
StringModule.siSpineWgtMapOp3Type                                           // spinewgtmapop
StringModule.siSpineWgtMapOp4Type                                           // spinewgtmapop
StringModule.siSpiralPrimType                                               // spiral
StringModule.siSplitEdgeOpType                                              // splitedgeop
StringModule.siSplitPolyOpType                                              // splitpolygonop
StringModule.siSpotInterestPrimType                                         // SpotInterest
StringModule.siSpotRootPrimType                                             // SpotRoot
StringModule.siSquarePrimType                                               // square
StringModule.siSrfCnsType                                                   // surfcns
StringModule.siSrfCrvInverseOpType                                          // SurfaceCurveInverseOp
StringModule.siSrfCrvShiftOpType                                            // srfcrvshift
StringModule.siSrfCtrlOpType                                                // SrfControlOp
StringModule.siSrfDefOpType                                                 // srfdefop
StringModule.siSrfMeshPrimType                                              // surfmsh
StringModule.siSrfPQOpType                                                  // SurfacePQ
StringModule.siSrfReparamOpType                                             // srfreparam
StringModule.siSrfShiftOpType                                               // srfshift
StringModule.siSrfSubdivisionOpType                                         // srfsubdivisionop
StringModule.siSrfUVCtrlOpType                                              // SurfaceUVControl
StringModule.siStandInPrimType                                              // standin
StringModule.siStartOffsetOpType                                            // startoffset
StringModule.siStitchCrvToCrvOpType                                         // stitchcrvtocrv
StringModule.siStitchCrvToSrfOpType                                         // stitchcrvtosrf
StringModule.siStitchSrfOpType                                              // stitchsrf
StringModule.siStrokeOpType                                                 // stroke
StringModule.siSubCompType                                                  // subcomp
StringModule.siSubdivEdgeOpType                                             // subdivideedgeop
StringModule.siSubdivPolyOpType                                             // subdividepolygonop
StringModule.siSwapSrfUVOpType                                              // swapsrfuv
StringModule.siSymmetrizePolygon                                            // symmetrizepolygonop
StringModule.siSymmetryCnsType                                              // symmetrycns
StringModule.siSymmetryMapOpType                                            // symmetrymapop
StringModule.siSymmetryMapType                                              // map
StringModule.siSynopticViewType                                             // synoptic
StringModule.siTaperOpType                                                  // taperop
StringModule.siTetrahedronPrimType                                          // tetrahedron
StringModule.siTextToCrvListOpType                                          // TextToCurveList
StringModule.siTorusPrimType                                                // torus
StringModule.siTrajCnsType                                                  // trajcns
StringModule.siTransformSetupType                                           // transformsetup
StringModule.siTurbulenceCtrlPrimType                                       // turbulence
StringModule.siTwistOpType                                                  // twistop
StringModule.siTxtMapType                                                   // TextureProp
StringModule.siTxtOpType                                                    // TextureOp
StringModule.siTxtSupportType                                               // Texture Support
StringModule.siUpVctCnsType                                                 // upvctcns
StringModule.siUserMotionType                                               // motion
StringModule.siUserNormalType                                               // normal
StringModule.siUVProjDefType                                                // uvprojdef
StringModule.siVertexcolorType                                              // vertexcolor
StringModule.siVisemeActionType                                             // VisemeAction
StringModule.siVisibilityType                                               // visibility
StringModule.siVolumeDeformType                                             // volume_deform
StringModule.siVolumicLightSceneType                                        // VolumicLightScene
StringModule.siVolumicLightType                                             // VolumicLight
StringModule.siVortexCtrlType                                               // vortex
StringModule.siVtxColPainterOpType                                          // vertexcolorpainter
StringModule.siVtxColPropOpType                                             // vertexcolorpropop
StringModule.siWaveCtrlType                                                 // wave
StringModule.siWaveOpType                                                   // wave
StringModule.siWeldEdgesOpType                                              // weldedgesop
StringModule.siWeldPntOpType                                                // weldpointsop
StringModule.siWgtMapCnxOpType                                              // WMCnxOp
StringModule.siWgtMapOpType                                                 // weightmapop
StringModule.siWgtMapsMixOpType                                             // WghtMapsMixOp
StringModule.siWgtMapType                                                   // wtmap
StringModule.siWgtPainterOpType                                             // weightpainter
StringModule.siWindType                                                     // wind
StringModule.siWtStrokeOpType                                               // wtstroke
Constant Value Description
si2PntCnsType 2ptscns Two Points Constraint type
si3DObjectType #3dobject 3D Object type
si3PntCnsType 3ptscns Three Points Constraint type
siActionClipType actionclip Action Clip type (instanced action)
siActionType Action Action type
siAddEdgeOpType addedgeop AddEdge Operator type (add an edge between an existing point and an existing edge)
siAddMeshPntOpType addmeshpointsop Add Mesh Points Operator type
siAddNurbsCrvPntOpType addnurbscrvpointsop Add Nurbs Curve Points Operator type
siAddNurbsSrfPntOpType addnurbssrfpointsop Add Nurbs Surface Points Operator type
siAddPntMiddleCrvType addpt_middlecrv Add Point Inside Curve Operator type
siAddPntMiddleSrfOpType addpt_middlesrf Add Point Inside Surface Operator type
siAmbientLightingType AmbientLighting Ambient Lighting type
siArcPrimType arc Implicit Arc Primitive type
siAttractorCtrlType attractor Attractor Control Object type (electric force)
siAutoCageAssignOpType autocageassign Automatic Cage Assignment Operator type
siAutoEnvAssignOpType autoenvassign Automatic Envelope Assignment Operator type
siBallJointCnsType BallJointCns Ball Joint Constraint type
siBasePathCnsType basepathcns Base Path Constraint type
siBendOpType bendop Bend Operator type
siBevelOpType bevelop Bevel Operator type (bevel geometry component)
siBirail2GenOpType Birail2Generators Birail2Generators Operator Type
siBirailOpType birail Birail Operator type (generates a surface from 2 curves and a profile)
siBlasterOpType blasterop Blaster Operator type
siBlendCrvOpType blendcrv Blend Curves Operator type (create a blended curve between two existing curves)
siBlendSrfOpType blendsrf Blend Surfaces Operator type (blend surfaces)
siBooleanGenOpType booleangen Boolean Generator Operator type
siBooleanSrfTopoOpType booleansrftopoop Boolean Surface Operator type
siBPlaneCnsType bplanecns Bounding Plane Constraint type
siBridgeOpType bridgeop Bridge Op Operator type (bridge polygon)
siBrushPropertiesType BrushProperties Brush Properties type
siBulgeOpType bulgeop Bulge Op Operator type
siBVolCnsType bvolcns Bounding Volume Constraint type
siCageDeformOpType cagedeformop Cage Deform Operator type
siCamDispType camdisp Camera Display type
siCameraLensFlareType CameraLensFlare Camera Lens Flare type
siCameraPrimType camera Camera Primitive type
siCameraRootPrimType CameraRoot Camera Root primitive type
siCameraTxtOpType CameraTxt CameraTxt Operator type (camera texture projection operator)
siCamVisType camvis Camera Visibility type
siCapOpType capop CapOp type
siCenterOpType center Center Operator type (center manipulation)
siChainBonePrimType bone Chain Bone Primitive type
siChainEffPrimType eff Chain End Effector Primitive type
siChainRootPrimType root Chain Root Primitive type
siCirclePrimType circle Implicit Circle Primitive type
siCleanCrvOpType cleancrv Clean Curve Operator type
siCleanSrfOpType cleansrf Clean Surface Operator type
siClothOpType ClothOp Cloth Operator type
siClothPropType ClothProp Cloth Property type
siCloudPrimType cloud Cloud Primitive type
siClsColorType clscolor Cluster Color type
siClsCtrOpType clsctr Cluster Center Operator type (cluster center deformation)
siClsKeyType clskey Cluster Key type
siClsKeyWgtMapOpType ClusterKeyWeightMap Cluster Key Weight Map Operator type
siClsPoseType clspose Cluster Pose type
siClsShapeCombinerOpType clustershapecombiner Cluster Shape Combiner Operator type
siClsUVSpaceTxtType uvspace Cluster Property UV Texture Projection type
siCoBBoxSclOpType CoBBoxSclOp CoBBoxSclOp type
siCollapseOpType collapseop Collapse Operator type (collapse geometry component)
siConePrimType cone Cone Primitive type
siCoPoseFCrvOpType CoPoseFcurveOp CoPoseFCurveOp type
siCopyOpType copyop Copy Operator type (geometry copy operator for instances)
siCopyShapeOpType copyshape copyshape operator type
siCopyUVWOpType Copyuvw CopyUVW Operator type
siCreatePolyOpType createpolygonop Create Polygon Operator type
siCrvCnsType curvecns Curve Constraint type
siCrvCreationOpType CurveCreationOp Curve Creation Operator type
siCrvCtrlOpType CrvControlOp CrvControlOp type
siCrvCutOpType CrvCutOp CrvCutOp type
siCrvDeformOpType crvdeform Curve Deform Operator type
siCrvListAggregatePrimType crvlistaggregate NURBS Curve List Aggregate Primitive type
siCrvListPrimType crvlist NURBS Curve List Primitive type
siCrvListToMeshOpType CurveListToMesh Curve To Mesh Converter Operator type (curve list to polygon mesh converter)
siCrvNetOpType curvenet Curve Net Operator type
siCrvOpenCloseOpType crvopenclose Open/Close Curve Operator type (open or close a curve)
siCrvReparamOpType crvreparam Reparameterize Curve Operator type
siCrvShiftOpType crvshift Curve Shift Operator type
siCubePrimType cube Cube Primitive type
siCustomParamSet customparamset Custom Parameter Set type
siCycleUVWType Cycleuvw Cycleuvw Operator type
siCylinderPrimType cylinder Cylinder Primitive type
siDeformBySpineOp2Type deformbyspineop2 Deform By Spine Operator type (alternate envelope by spine operator)
siDeformBySpineOpType deformbyspineop Deform by spine operator type (envelope by spine)
siDeformOpType deformop Base Deform Operator type
siDeleteCompOpType deletecompop Delete Component Operator type (delete geometry component)
siDelPntCrvOpType delpt_crv Delete Point From Curve Operator type
siDGlowType dglow DGlow type
siDirCnsType dircns Direction Constraint type
siDiscPrimType disc Disc Primitive type
siDisplayType display Display type
siDissolveCompOpType dissolvecompop Dissolve Component Operator type (dissolve geometry component)
siDistanceOpType DistanceOp Distance Operator type
siDistCnsType distcns Distance Constraint type
siDodecahedronPrimType dodecahedron Dodecahedron Primitive type
siDragCtrlPrimType drag Drag Control Primitive type
siEddyCtrlPrimType eddy Eddy Control Primitive type
siEditPolyOpType editpolygonop Edit Polygon Operator type
siEmissionPropType EmissionProp Emission Property type
siEnvelopOpType envelopop Envelope Operator type
siEnvSelClsOpType EnvSelClsOp Envelope Selection Clusters Operator type
siEnvWgtType envweights Envelope Weights type
siExplosionOpType ExplosionOp Explosion Operator type
siExtendCrv2PntOpType extendcrv2pt Extend Curve To Point Operator type
siExtendToCrvOpType extendtocrv Extend To Curve Operator type (extend the surface to the selected curve)
siExtractCrvOpType extractcrv Extract Curve Operator type
siExtractCrvSegOpType extractcrvseg Extract Curve Segment Operator type (extract a curve from a segment of an existing curve)
siExtractPolyOpType extractpolygons Extract Polygons Operator type
siExtractSubCrvOpType extractsubcrv Extract Subcurve Operator type
siExtrude2ProfsOpType extrude2profs Extrusion 2 Profiles Operator type (extrude 2 profiles)
siExtrudeCompAxisOpType extrudecompaxisop Extrude Component Axis Operator type (extrude geometry component)
siExtrudeComponentOpType extrudecomponentop Extrude Component Operator type (extrude geometry component)
siExtrusionOpType extrusion Extrusion Operator type (extrude a curve to create a surface)
siFanType fan Fan Force Object type
siFilletCrvOpType filletcrv Fillet Curves Operator type (intersecting or not)
siFilletSrfOpType Fillet Surfaces Fillet Surfaces Operator type
siFillHoleOpType fillHoleOp Fill Hole Operator type
siFilterEdgeOpType filteredgeop Edge Filter Operator type
siFilterPolyOpType filterpolygonop Polygon Filter Operator type
siFitCrvOpType fitcrv Fit Curve Operator type (fit a new curve on to the selected curve)
siFitSrfOpType fitsrf Fit Surface Operator type (fit a new surface on to the selected surface)
siFlipUVWOpType Flipuvw Flip UVW Operator type
siFluidOpType FluidOp Fluid Operator type
siFoldOpType foldop Fold Operator type
siFourSidedOpType foursided Four Sided Operator type
siFurOpType furop Fur Operator type (fur generator operator)
siFurPrimType fur Fur Primitive type
siFurPropType furProp Fur Property type
siFurSimOpType furSimop Fur Simulation Operator type
siGeneratorOpType generatorop Base Generator Operator type
siGeomApproxType geomapprox Geometry Approximation type (tesselation)
siGeoShaderPrimType GeoShader GeoShader Primitive Type
siGeoTxtOpType GeoTxtOp GeoTxtOp type (copy geometry xyz to uvw texture operator)
siGlobalType global Global Transform type
siGravityCtrlType gravity Gravity Force Control Object type
siGridPrimType grid Grid Primitive type
siGroup #Group Group type (obsolete)
siGroupType #Group Group type
siHealOpType heal Heal Operator type
siHealUVWOpType healuvw Heal UVW Operator type
siIcosahedronPrimType icosahedron Icosahedron Primitive type
siImageClipType ImageClip Image Clip type
siImageCropOpType ImageCropOp Image Crop Operator type
siImageFXOpType ImageFXOp Image FX Operator type
siImageObjectType ImageObject Image Object type
siImageSourceOpType ImageSourceOp Image Source Operator type
siImageSourceType ImageSource Image Source type
siInsertCrvKnotOpType InsertCrvKnot Insert Curve Knot Operator type
siInsSrfKnotOpType inssrfknot Insert Surface Knot Operator type (inserts a knot in a nurbs surface)
siIntersectSrfOpType intersectsrf Intersect Surfaces Operator type (extract a curve from the intersection of two surfaces)
siInvCrvOpType invcrv Inverse Curve Operator type (inverse curve direction)
siInvertPolyOpType invertpolygonop Invert Polygon Operator type
siInvisiblePolygonsClusterName InvisiblePolygons Name of the InvisiblePolygons cluster
siInvSrfOpType invsrf Inverse Normals Operator type (inverse normals direction)
siKineChainPropType KineChainProp Kinematic Chain Properties type
siKineChainType chain Kinematic Chain type
siKineCnsType kinecns Kinematic Constraint type
siKineInfoType kine Kinematics Information type
siKineJointType joint Kinematic Joint type
siLatticeOpType lattice Lattice Operator type
siLatticePrimType lattice Lattice Primitive type
siLayersType Layers Layers type
siLightLensFlareType LightLensFlare Light Lens Flare type
siLightPrimType light Light Primitive type
siLineCnsType LineCns Line Constraint type
siLocalType local Local Transform type
siLoftOpType loft Loft Generator Operator type
siMapCompOpType mapCompOp Component Map Operator type
siMarkHardEdgeVertexOpType MarkHardEdgeVertex Mark Hard Edge/Vertex Operator type
siMaterialType material Material type
siMergeCrvOpType mergecrv Merge Curves Operator type
siMergeMeshOpType mergemesh Merge Meshes Operator type
siMergeSrfOpType mergesrf Merge Surfaces Operator type
siMeshLocalSubdivisionOpType meshlocalsubdivisionop Mesh Local Subdivision Operator type
siMeshSubdivOpType MeshSubdivide Mesh Subdivision Operator type
siMeshSubdivWithCenterOpType MeshSubdivideWithCenter Mesh Subdivide With Center Operator type (mesh subdivision with center)
siMixerAnimClipType mixeranimclip Mixer Animation Clip type
siMixerAnimTrackType mixeranimtrack Mixer Animation Action Track type
siMixerAudioClipType mixeraudioclip Mixer Audio Clip type
siMixerAudioTrackType mixeraudiotrack Mixer Audio Track type
siMixerPropType MixerProp Mixer Property type
siMixerShapeClipType mixershapeclip Mixer Shape Clip type
siMixerShapeTrackType mixershapetrack Mixer Shape Track type
siMixerType mixer Mixer type (property)
siModelClipType model_clip 3D Model Clip type
siModelNullPrimType modelnull Model Null Primitive type
siModelType #model 3D Model type
siMotionBlurType motionblur Motion Blur type
siMoveComponentOpType movecomponentop Move Component Operator type
siNPntCnsType Nptscns N Points Constraint type
siNullPrimType null Null Primitive type
siNurbsToMeshOpType nurbstomesh Nurbs To Mesh Operator type
siObjClsCnsType objclscns Object To Cluster Constraint type
siObstaclePropType ObstacleProp Obstacle Property type
siOctahedronPrimType octahedron Octahedron Primitive type
siOffsetClsOpType offsetclusterop Offset Cluster Operator type
siOffsetCrvOpType offsetcrv Offset Curve Operator type
siOffsetSrfOpType offsetsrf Offset Surface Operator type (offset a surface to create a new surface)
siOpenCloseSrfOpType openclosesrf Open/Close Surface Operator type (open or close a surface)
siOriCnsType oricns Orientation Constraint type
siOverrideType #Override Override type
siParDecayType ParDecay Particle decay type
siParObstExtSparksType ParObstExtSparks ParObstExtSparks type
siParticleEventType ParticleEvent Particle Event type
siParticlesOpType ParticlesOp Particles Operator type
siPathCnsType pathcns Path Constraint type
siPinJointCnsType PinJointCns Pin Joint Constraint type
siPlaneCnsType PlaneCns Plane Constraint type
siPointCloudPrimType crvlist Point CloudPrimitive type
siPolyMeshPNetOpType PolyMeshPNetOp PolyMeshPNetOp type
siPolyMeshType polymsh Polygon Mesh type
siPosCnsType poscns Position Constraint type
siPoseCnsType posecns Pose Constraint type
siProjectCrvOpType projectcrv Project Curve Operator type (project a curve on to a surface)
siProportionalOpType proportional Proportional Modeling Operator type
siPropVolumeOpType propvolumeop Proportional Volume Operator type
siPushOpType pushop Push Operator type
siQStretchOpType qstretch QStretch Operator type (quick stretch)
siRandomizeOpType randomizeop Randomize Operator type
siRefPlaneType refplane Reference Plane type
siRelaxUVWOpType Relaxuvw Relax UVW Operator type
siRemoveCrvKnotOpType RemoveCrvKnot Remove Curve Knot Operator type
siRemSrfKnotOpType remsrfknot Remove Surface Knot Operator type (removes a knot from a nurbs surface)
siRenderMapType rendermap Render Map type
siRevolutionOpType revolution Revolution Operator type
siRotoscopeType rotoscope Camera Rotoscopy type
siSceneAmbienceType ambience Scene Ambience type
siSceneColorsType Scenecolors Scene Display Colors type
siSclCnsType sclcns Scaling Constraint type
siSCMFixerOpType scmfixerop SCM Fixer Operator type
siSCMTopologyOpType scmtopologyop SCM Topology Operator type
siScriptedOpType scriptedop Scripted Operator type (scripted operator host)
siSetEdgeCreaseValueOpType SetEdgeCreaseValue Set Edge Crease Value Operator type
siShapeActionCompoundClipType ShapeActionCompoundClip Shape Action Compound Clip type (base compound clip)
siShapeActionType ShapeAction Shape Action type
siShearOpType shearop Shear Operator type
siShrinkWrapOpType shrinkwrap Shrink Wrap Operator type
siSkelCtrlOpPropType SkeletonCtrlOpProp Skeleton Controller Operator type
siSmoothEnvelopeWgtOpType smoothenvelopeweight Smooth Envelope Weight Operator type
siSnapBoundOpType snapbound Snap Boundary Operator type
siSnapCrvOpType SnapCrvsOp Snap To Curves Operator type
siSnipSrfOpType snipsrf Snip Surface Operator type
siSoftBodyOpType SoftBodyOp SoftBody Operator type
siSpherePrimType sphere Sphere Primitive type
siSpineDefOp2Type spinedefop2 Deform by Spine Operator 2 type (alternate operator)
siSpineDefOpType spinedefop Deform by Spine Operator type
siSpineWgtMapOp3Type spinewgtmapop Spine Weight Map Operator 3 type
siSpineWgtMapOp4Type spinewgtmapop Deform by Spine Weight Map Operator 4 type
siSpiralPrimType spiral Implicit Spiral Primitive type
siSplitEdgeOpType splitedgeop Split Edge Operator type (split some edges)
siSplitPolyOpType splitpolygonop Split Polygon Operator type (split some polygons)
siSpotInterestPrimType SpotInterest Spot Interest Primitive type
siSpotRootPrimType SpotRoot Spot Root Primitive type
siSquarePrimType square Implicit Square Primitive type
siSrfCnsType surfcns Surface Constraint type
siSrfCrvInverseOpType SurfaceCurveInverseOp Surface Curve Inverse Operator type
siSrfCrvShiftOpType srfcrvshift Surface Curve Shift Operator type
siSrfCtrlOpType SrfControlOp SrfControlOp type
siSrfDefOpType srfdefop Surface Deform Operator type
siSrfMeshPrimType surfmsh NURBS Surface Mesh Primitive type
siSrfPQOpType SurfacePQ SurfacePQ Operator type
siSrfReparamOpType srfreparam Reparameterize Surface Operator type
siSrfShiftOpType srfshift Surface Shift Operator type
siSrfSubdivisionOpType srfsubdivisionop Surface Subdivision Operator type
siSrfUVCtrlOpType SurfaceUVControl Surface UV Control Operator type (Nurbs UV control)
siStandInPrimType standin Stand-in Primitive type
siStartOffsetOpType startoffset Start Offset Operator type
siStitchCrvToCrvOpType stitchcrvtocrv Stitch Curve To Curve Operator type (stitch curves together)
siStitchCrvToSrfOpType stitchcrvtosrf Stitch Curve To Surface Operator type
siStitchSrfOpType stitchsrf Stitch Surfaces Operator type (stitch surfaces and curves together)
siStrokeOpType stroke Gap Stroke Operator type
siSubCompType subcomp Subcomponents type
siSubdivEdgeOpType subdivideedgeop Subdivide Edge Operator type
siSubdivPolyOpType subdividepolygonop Subdivide Polygon Operator type
siSwapSrfUVOpType swapsrfuv Swap Surface UVs Operator type
siSymmetrizePolygon symmetrizepolygonop Symmetrize Polygon Operator type
siSymmetryCnsType symmetrycns Symmetry Constraint type
siSymmetryMapOpType symmetrymapop Symmetry Map Genrator Operator type
siSymmetryMapType map Symmetry Map type
siSynopticViewType synoptic Synoptic View type
siTaperOpType taperop Taper Operator type
siTetrahedronPrimType tetrahedron Tetrahedron Primitive type
siTextToCrvListOpType TextToCurveList Text To CurveList Operator type
siTorusPrimType torus Torus Primitive type
siTrajCnsType trajcns Trajectory Constraint type
siTransformSetupType transformsetup Transform Setup type
siTurbulenceCtrlPrimType turbulence Turbulence Control Primitive type
siTwistOpType twistop Twist Operator type
siTxtMapType TextureProp Texture Map type
siTxtOpType TextureOp Texture Projection Operator type
siTxtSupportType Texture Support type Texture Support type
siUpVctCnsType upvctcns Up Vector Constraint type
siUserMotionType motion User Motion Property type
siUserNormalType normal User Normal Property type
siUVProjDefType uvprojdef UV Projection Definition type (definition of how to perform a texture projection)
siVertexcolorType vertexcolor Vertex Color type
siVisemeActionType VisemeAction Viseme Action type
siVisibilityType visibility Visibility type
siVolumeDeformType volume_deform Volume Deform type (implicit sphere volume)
siVolumicLightSceneType VolumicLightScene Volumic Light Scene Local Property Set type
siVolumicLightType VolumicLight Volumic Light Effect type
siVortexCtrlType vortex Vortex Control Object type (magnetic force)
siVtxColPainterOpType vertexcolorpainter Vertex Color Painter Operator type
siVtxColPropOpType vertexcolorpropop Vertex Color Property Generator Operator type
siWaveCtrlType wave Wave Control Object type
siWaveOpType wave Wave Operator type
siWeldEdgesOpType weldedgesop Weld Edges Operator type (weld pair of edges together)
siWeldPntOpType weldpointsop Weld Points Operator type (weld two points together)
siWgtMapCnxOpType WMCnxOp Weight Map Connection Operator type
siWgtMapOpType weightmapop Weight Map Generator Operator type
siWgtMapsMixOpType WghtMapsMixOp Weight Maps Mixer Operator type
siWgtMapType wtmap Weight Map type
siWgtPainterOpType weightpainter Weight Painter Operator type
siWindType wind Wind Force Object type
siWtStrokeOpType wtstroke Weight Stroke Operator type

Applies To

TransferAllPropertiesAcrossGenOp X3DObject.FindChild X3DObject.FindChildren X3DObjectCollection.Filter X3DObjectCollection.Find X3DObject::FindChild X3DObject::FindChildren