Indicates which deforms will be stored in the created shape.

C# Syntax

siShapeContent.siShapeContentUseConstructionMode                            // 0
siShapeContent.siShapeContentPrimaryShape                                   // 1
siShapeContent.siShapeContentSecondaryShape                                 // 2
siShapeContent.siShapeContentAllDeforms                                     // 3
Constant Value Description
siShapeContentUseConstructionMode 0 Depends on the current contruction mode. This means only the primary shape deformations are stored unless the construction mode is siConstructionModeSecondaryShape (siConstructionMode).
siShapeContentPrimaryShape 1 Store the primary shape deformations.
siShapeContentSecondaryShape 2 Store the secondary shape deformations.
siShapeContentAllDeforms 3 Store all except for modeling deforms.

Applies To

PlotShape StoreShapeKey