Enumeration of possible types of object ID for DataRepository.GetIdentifier.

C# Syntax

siObjectIdentifierType.siObjectIdentifier                                   // 0
siObjectIdentifierType.siModelIdentifier                                    // 1
siObjectIdentifierType.siObjectGUID                                         // 2
siObjectIdentifierType.siObjectCLSID                                        // 3
siObjectIdentifierType.siSpdlFile                                           // 4
Constant Value Description
siObjectIdentifier 0 Identifier of object. This is an numeric value which uniquely identifies the object in the system.
siModelIdentifier 1 Identifier of model containing object. Each object under the Scene_Root is part of a model, this returns the model containing the object or -1 if not part of a model.
siObjectGUID 2 GUID of object. This is a GUID which also uniquely identifies the object within the scene.
siObjectCLSID 3 CLSID of the class.

This is a GUID which uniquely identifies the class that this object is an instance of.
siSpdlFile 4 Spdl file associated with the object. Not all Softimage objects have spdl files.

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