Function curve key constraints. The last seven tangent constraints apply only to standard function curves. FCurve key constraints can be set and retrieved via the FCurveKey.Constraint property.

The constraints are not mutally exclusive for example if you have the siParameterConstraint set and clear the siLockConstraint you will also clear the siParameterConstraint. You cannot set constraints on a raw function curve. They will be ignored.

C# Syntax

siFCurveKeyConstraint.siParameterConstraint                                 // 1
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siLeftRightValuesConstraint                           // 2
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siG1ContinuousConstraint                              // 4
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siLeftRightTangentDirectionConstraint                 // 8
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siLeftRightTangentLengthConstraint                    // 16
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siLockConstraint                                      // 32
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siHorizontalTangentConstraint                         // 64
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siExtremumHorizontalTangentConstraint                 // 128
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siZeroLengthTangentConstraint                         // 512
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siSameLengthTangentConstraint                         // 1024
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siNeighborTangentConstraint                           // 2048
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siMirrorTangentConstraint                             // 4096
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siAutoPlateauTangentConstraint                        // 8192
siFCurveKeyConstraint.siAdjustedTangentConstraint                           // 8448
Constant Value Description
siAdjustedTangentConstraint 8448 If on, the tangents are adjusted automatically when neighbouring keys are created or moved.
siAutoPlateauTangentConstraint 8192 If on, the left and right tangents are automatically adjusted and plateaued based on neighbouring keys.
siExtremumHorizontalTangentConstraint 128 If on, the tangents are considered as horizontal when the key is a local extremum.
siG1ContinuousConstraint 4 If on, the left and right tangent orientations are the same.
siHorizontalTangentConstraint 64 If on, the tangents are considered horizontal.
siLeftRightTangentDirectionConstraint 8 If on, the left and right tangent directions are locked.
siLeftRightTangentLengthConstraint 16 If on, the left and right tangent lengths are locked.
siLeftRightValuesConstraint 2 If on, the left and right key values are locked.
siLockConstraint 32 If on, the parameter, values, and tangents are locked.
siMirrorTangentConstraint 4096 If on, the left and right tangents are mirrored.
siNeighborTangentConstraint 2048 If on, the left and right tangent point at the previous and next keys.
siParameterConstraint 1 If on, the parameter (or key time) is locked.
siSameLengthTangentConstraint 1024 If on, the left and right tangent lengths are the same.
siZeroLengthTangentConstraint 512 If on, the left and right tangent lengths are constrained to be zero.

Applies To

FCurveKey.Constraint FCurveKey.GetConstraint2 FCurveKey::GetConstraint FCurveKey::PutConstraint

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