The extrapolation of an FCurve determines its shape before the first FCurveKey and after the last FCurveKey. Extrapolation extends the curve's ends based on the position of these two keys.

C# Syntax

siFCurveExtrapolation.siConstantExtrapolation                               // 1
siFCurveExtrapolation.siLinearExtrapolation                                 // 2
siFCurveExtrapolation.siPeriodicExtrapolation                               // 3
siFCurveExtrapolation.siPeriodicRelativeExtrapolation                       // 4
Constant Value Description
siConstantExtrapolation 1 Constant extrapolation
siLinearExtrapolation 2 Linear extrapolation
siPeriodicExtrapolation 3 Periodic extrapolation
siPeriodicRelativeExtrapolation 4 Constant extrapolation relative to an offset

Applies To

Parameter.AddFCurve FCurve.Extrapolation AnimationSourceItem.SetAsFCurve FCurve::GetExtrapolation FCurve::PutExtrapolation

See Also

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