Indicates the method to use for finding closest locations on a geometry.

C# Syntax

siClosestLocationMethod.siClosestVertexOrKnot                               // 0
siClosestLocationMethod.siClosestSurface                                    // 1
siClosestLocationMethod.siClosestSmoothedSurface                            // 2
siClosestLocationMethod.siClosestSurfaceRaycastIntersection                 // 3
Constant Value Description
siClosestVertexOrKnot 0 Finds the closest vertex (PolygonMesh) or surface knot (NurbsSurfaceMesh).
siClosestSurface 1 Finds the exact closest surface location.
siClosestSmoothedSurface 2 Similar to siClosestVertexOrKnot, but the point locators are relaxed in order to have a more well-distributed (more uniform) spatial mapping between the geometry and the surrounding volume. This can avoid having important volumes corresponding to the same surface location. This method only applies to PolygonMesh (equivalent to siClosestLocationMethod for NurbsSurfaceMesh ).
siClosestSurfaceRaycastIntersection 3 Finds the surface intersection through raycasting.

Applies To

Geometry.SetupPointLocatorQueries Geometry::SetupPointLocatorQueries