Expands each item in collection:

- If the item is a group, it replaces the group with its members.

- If the group member was added in branch then it expands the members as though it was a collection item added with the branch flag set.

- If the item is a CollectionItem containing an X3DObject and its ProjectItem.BranchFlag property is set then it traverses the branch and adds each X3DObject in the branch to the collection.

C# Syntax

CXSICollection XSICollection.Expand();

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = XSICollection.Expand();

Return Value



VBScript Example

Dim oColl             ' object pointer for collection
Dim oExpColl            ' object pointer for expanded collection
' Create the new collection & populate it 
Set oColl = CreateObject( "XSI.Collection" )
oColl.Add ActiveSceneRoot
checkContents "oColl", oColl
' Expand the collection and save it as a new collection
LogMessage "----------------"
Set oRoot = oColl.Item(0)
oRoot.BranchFlag = siBranch
Set oExpColl = oColl.Expand
checkContents "oExpColl", oExpColl 
' Now start again but this time don't set the branch flag
LogMessage "----------------"
oRoot.BranchFlag = siNode
Set oExpColl = oColl.Expand
checkContents "oExpColl", oExpColl 
function checkContents( in_name, in_coll )
        If in_coll.Count > 0 Then
                LogMessage in_name & " collection now contains " & in_coll.GetAsText 
                LogMessage in_name & " collection is empty."
        End If
end function
' Output of above script:
'INFO : "oColl collection now contains Scene_Root"
'INFO : "----------------"
'INFO : "oExpColl collection now contains Scene_Root,Camera_Root,Camera,Camera_Interest,light"
'INFO : "----------------"
'INFO : "oExpColl collection now contains Scene_Root"

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