StaticKinematicState.Transform operator


Returns or sets the base pose of an object as an SITransformation.

Note: Since Python does not support input parameters on properties, this property will fail in Python. Use the Python-compliant StaticKinematicState.GetTransform2 instead.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Object StaticKinematicState.get_Transform( Object inFrame );
// set accessor
StaticKinematicState.set_Transform( Object inFrame, Object out_ppRetVal );


Parameter Type Description
Frame Variant Frame at which to get the transform. Currently this is not used.


VBScript Example

set oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root
set oNull = oRoot.AddPrimitive("Null", "MyNull")
oNull.Kinematics.Global.Parameters("posy").Value = 4.0
oNull.Kinematics.Global.Parameters("posx").Value = 3.0
set oCube = oRoot.AddGeometry("Cube", "MeshSurface")
oCube.Kinematics.Global.Parameters("posz").Value = 2.0
set oEnv = oCube.ApplyEnvelope(oNull)
if oCube.HasStaticKinematicState then
        set oStaticKinematicState = oCube.GetStaticKinematicState
        set oTrans = oStaticKinematicState.Transform
        set oVec3 = XSIMath.CreateVector3
        oTrans.GetTranslation oVec3
        oVec3.x = oVec3.x * 2.0
        oVec3.y = oVec3.y * 2.0
        oVec3.Z = oVec3.z * 2.0
        oTrans.SetTranslation oVec3
        oStaticKinematicState.Transform = oTrans
end if

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