Returns the content of the selection as a readable string (object names).

This is the equivalent of using GetValue("SelectionList").

C# Syntax

String Selection.GetAsText();

Scripting Syntax

oString = Selection.GetAsText();

Return Value

A readable String (object names) or an empty value ("") if the string can't be expressed as a readable string.


VBScript Example

set root = ActiveSceneRoot
set myCube = root.AddGeometry( "Cube", "MeshSurface", "myCube" )
set myGrid = root.AddGeometry( "Grid", "NurbsSurface", "myGrid" )
set myCyl = root.AddGeometry( "Cylinder", "MeshSurface", "myCylinder" )
set sel = Selection
sel.Add myCube
sel.Add myGrid
sel.Add myCyl
strSel = sel.GetAsText 
LogMessage "Selection as text: " &  strSel 
'INFO : "Selection as text: myCube,myGrid,myCylinder"

See Also

GetValue Selection.Item Selection.SetAsText