Parameter.SuggestedMin operator




Returns the suggested minimum value (Variant) for the parameter. A parameter can have two separate ranges: the Min/Max which defines the entire range of legal values; and the Suggested Minimum/Suggested Maximum which defines a sub-range of the Min/Max that make the most sense.

For example, an enormous number of subdivisions may theoretically be possible on a geometry, but for performance reasons a smaller range can be suggested to the user. The Suggested Min/Max values are used when determining the slider ranges for controls when parameters are inspected.

This property is only valid for numeric parameters. Other variant types, for example siString (see siVariantType) do not have the concept of Minimum or Maximum.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Object rtn = Parameter.SuggestedMin;


VBScript Example

'       This example demonstrates how the Suggested Min and Max of a parameter can 
'       be useful for animating a parameter.
NewScene , false
' Set up a custom property set with some numeric values
set oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root
set oPropSet = oRoot.AddProperty("Custom_parameter_list",,"TestRanges")                         
oPropSet.AddParameter "Var1", siDouble,,siPersistable OR siAnimatable
oPropSet.AddParameter "Var2", siUByte,,siPersistable OR siAnimatable
oPropSet.AddParameter "Var3", siInt4,,siPersistable OR siAnimatable
oPropSet.AddParameter "Comment", siString 
' Animate all the parameters
for each oProp in oPropSet.Parameters
        AnimateOverSuggestedRange oProp 
InspectObj oPropSet
' This routine animates a parameter between suggested Min and suggested Max between the
' Frames 1 and 100
sub AnimateOverSuggestedRange( in_Parameter )
        ' We only try to animate numeric parameters     
        if ( in_Parameter.ValueType = siInt4 OR _
        in_Parameter.ValueType = siDouble OR _
        in_Parameter.ValueType = siUByte OR _
        in_Parameter.ValueType = siFloat ) then
                SetKey in_Parameter.FullName, 1, in_Parameter.SuggestedMin
                SetKey in_Parameter.FullName, 100, in_Parameter.SuggestedMax
        end if
end sub
' Expected results:
'SetKey "TestRanges.Var1", 1, 0.5
'SetKey "TestRanges.Var1", 100, 0.6
'SetKey "TestRanges.Var2", 1, 10
'SetKey "TestRanges.Var2", 100, 30
'SetKey "TestRanges.Var3", 1, -100
'SetKey "TestRanges.Var3", 100, 9999

See Also

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