Returns or sets the parameter's marked state as a Boolean value. The 'marked state' is true if the parameter is marked and false otherwise.

Marking parameters is a way of selecting which parameters you want to use for a specific animation task. For example, you can mark parameters so that only their animation is copied or removed, or you mark the parameters you want to store in an action to be used in the animation mixer. You can also mark parameters to be used when scaling or offsetting an animation, or with linked parameters or scripted operators.

Marking parameters is also one of the most common and useful tools for setting keys. By marking only the parameters you need, you can keep the animation information small.

The marking is set relative to the first group object (such as a 3DObject, Model or Group) in the parameter's path. If there is no group object in the path then the markings are set relative to the parameter's immediate parent.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Boolean rtn = Parameter.Marked;
// set accessor
Parameter.Marked = Boolean;

See Also

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