Sets or returns the command for this menu item. The Command object command is always returned, but you can specify either the object or the command's SIObject.Name as a String. Once you have associated a command with a menu item, the command will be called whenever the item is selected. You can attach any native or custom commands you want to a menu item.

If your menu is attached to a contextual menu and one of your command's arguments takes selected objects by default, then the currently selected objects are passed to your command. The target object under the cursor is also passed in as part of the selected objects. However, if no objects are selected then only the target is passed in. See ArgumentCollection.AddWithHandler for defining a custom command's argument that takes the selected objects by default.

When a command is attached to a menu item, the caption is set as follows: item_name [origin] hotkey

...where 'item_name' = the name of the menu item, 'origin' = the origin of the command ([u] for user, [w] for workgroup) and 'hotkey' = the hotkey associated with the command.

The menu item will be greyed out if the command is disabled.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Command MenuItem.get_Command();
// set accessor
MenuItem.set_Command( Object out_ppCommand );

See Also

Menu Menu.AddCommandItem MenuItem.Callback ArgumentCollection.AddWithHandler