Returns or sets the port value as a Variant at the current time frame. The type of the value depends on ICENodePort.DataType. The value stored in this port is only accessible when the port is not connected. If the port is connected, it returns an Empty variant.

Note: This property only returns values for simple types such as float, integer and boolean. Returning other value types is not yet supported. If the port is unable to retrieve the value, it returns an Empty variant.

Tip: Values for non-supported types can be accessed with ICENodePort.Parameters.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Object rtn = ICENodeInputPort.Value;
// set accessor
ICENodeInputPort.Value = Object;


Python Example

# This example demonstrates how to get and set a port value on an InitData node
import win32com.client
from win32com.client import constants
xsi = Application
xsi.NewScene("", 0)
xsi.CreatePrim("Grid", "MeshSurface", "", "")
xsi.ApplyOp("ICETree", "grid", "siNode", "siPersistentOperation", "", 0)
xsi.AddICENode("InitializeNode", "grid.polymsh.ICETree")
xsi.SetValue("grid.polymsh.ICETree.InitDataNode.PredefinedAttributeName", "EdgeLength", "")
xsi.AddAttributeToSetDataICENode("grid.polymsh.ICETree.InitDataNode", "EdgeLength", constants.siComponentDataTypeFloat, constants.siComponentDataContextComponent1D, constants.siComponentDataStructureSingle )
xsi.SelectObj("grid.polymsh.ICETree.InitDataNode", "", "")
initDataNode = xsi.Selection(0)
nodeport = initDataNode.InputPorts("EdgeLength")
nodeport.Value = 5.0
xsi.LogMessage( "EdgeLength value: " + str(nodeport.Value) )
# Expected results:
# INFO : EdgeLength value: 5.0

See Also

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