Returns the smallest key value for the fcurvekey collection. The type of value that is returned depends on the type of fcurve used as follows:

Standard and raw fcurves return a double value (VT_R8)

Integer fcurves return a LONG (VT_I4)

Boolean fcurves return a variant bool value (VT_BOOL,VARIANT_TRUE,VARIANT_FALSE)

C# Syntax

Object FCurveKeyCollection.GetMinKeyValue();

Scripting Syntax

oVariant = FCurveKeyCollection.GetMinKeyValue();

Return Value



JScript Example

// This example illustrates how to get the smallest key value for an fcurvekey collection.
// Create a new scene
NewScene(null, false);
// Create a null
oNull = Application.GetPrim("Null");
// Get the posx parameter of the null
oPosX = oNull.posx
// Create array of time-value pairs
aKeys = new Array( 0.00, 5.00,
                                1.00, 6.00,
                                2.00, 7.00,
                                3.00, 8.00,
                                4.00, 9.00,
                                5.00, 10.00 );
// Create an empty FCurve
oFCurve = oPosX.AddFCurve2( null, siStandardFCurve );
// Set the fcurve keys
oFCurve.SetKeys( aKeys );
Application.LogMessage( 'Smallest key value: ' + oFCurve.GetKeysBetween(2,4).GetMinKeyValue(), siInfo );
// Produces the following output:
//INFO : Smallest key value: 7

See Also

FCurveKeyCollection.GetMaxKeyValue FCurveKeyCollection.GetMidKeyValue FCurve.GetMinKeyValue