Adds a new AnimationSourceItem to an ActionSource created with the Model.AddActionSource method.

Tip: To change the source on an AnimationSourceItem to an FCurve or StaticSource, use either AnimationSourceItem.SetAsFCurve or AnimationSourceItem.SetAsStatic.

C# Syntax

AnimationSourceItem ActionSource.AddSourceItem( Object in_vTarget, Object in_vSource, Object in_vActive );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = ActionSource.AddSourceItem( [Target], [Source], [Active] );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Target String Target path for source item

Default Value: Use the animation source's target path

Source Variant Animation source for source item, either an FCurve, or a StaticSource. Starting in v4.0 you can also directly use the Double value to add a static source.

Default Value: If no source is provided, a StaticSource source is created, initalized to 0

Active Boolean Initial active state of source item

Default Value: True


JScript Example

        See the example on the documentation page for the ActionSource.Reload method

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