Adds a new ActionDeltaItem of type siModificationDeltaStaticValue to an ActionDelta created with the Delta.AddAction method.

The ActionDelta should be of type siModificationDeltaStaticValue to use this method (see siModificationDeltaType for a list of ActionDelta types).

C# Syntax

ActionDeltaItem ActionDelta.AddStaticValueItem( Object in_vTarget, Object in_vValue );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = ActionDelta.AddStaticValueItem( Target, [Value] );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Target String Target path for source item
Value Double The value of the static value (has to be a double)


JScript Example

        This example demonstrates how to add an ActionDeltaItem of type 
        siModificationDeltaStaticValue to an ActionDelta.
NewScene (null, false);
// Create a reference model from a cube
var oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root;
var oCube = oRoot.AddGeometry("Cube", "MeshSurface");
var emdlFileRefModel = XSIUtils.BuildPath(Application.InstallationPath(siProjectPath), "Models", "MyModel.emdl"); 
CreateModelAndConvertToRef(oCube, emdlFileRefModel );
// Add the Delta object
var oDelta = AddDelta(oCube.Model);
// Add an action of type siModificationDeltaStaticValue
var oDeltaAction = oDelta.AddAction(siModificationDeltaStaticValue)
// Add the Static value item    
var oActionDeltaItem = oDeltaAction.AddStaticValueItem(oCube + "", 10);
// Apply the modifications

See Also

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