CValue::ValueField Union Reference
CValue::ValueField Union Reference

#include <xsi_value.h>

Class Description

This union is used for storing the value described by the CValue::m_t data member. Instead of accessing the value stored in CValue::m_u directly, it is strongly recommended to use the extractor methods defined by CValue.

Demonstrates the CValue extractor methods
                CValue val((short)255);

                // good but not recommended
                short wrong = val.sval;

                // right way to do it
                short good = (short)val;

                CComAPIHandler uitoolkit;
                uitoolkit.CreateInstance( L"XSI.UIToolkit");

                CValue dispVal = uitoolkit.GetRef();

                // wrong way of accessing a COM object from a CValue, could return
                // an invalid pointer
                IDispatch* pDisp = dispVal.pval;

                // this is the right way to do it
                IDispatch* pDisp = (IDispatch*)(CValue::siPtrType)dispVal;

List of all members.

Public Attributes

short  sval
LONG  lval
float  fval
double  dval
bool  bval
wchar_t *  pwval
siPtrType  pval
signed char  cval
unsigned char  ucval
CValueArray paval
CLongArray plaval
CFloatArray pfaval
unsigned short  usval
ULONG  ulval
MATH::CVector2f pv2f
MATH::CVector3f pv3f
MATH::CVector4f pv4f
MATH::CQuaternionf pqf
MATH::CRotationf prf
MATH::CMatrix3f pm3f
MATH::CMatrix4f pm4f
MATH::CColor4f pc4f
MATH::CShape pshp
LLONG  llval
ULLONG  ullval
siBlobType *  pblobval
CStringArray pstrarrayval

Member Data Documentation

short sval

2 bytes signed integer number value (-32768..32767)

LONG lval

4 bytes signed integer number value (-2147483648..2147483647)

double dval
siPtrType pval
signed char cval
unsigned char ucval

unsigned byte value

unsigned short usval

2 bytes unsigned integer number value (0..65535)

ULONG ulval

4 bytes unsigned integer number value (0..4294967295)

LLONG llval

8 bytes signed integer number type (-9223372036854775808..9223372036854775807)

ULLONG ullval

8 bytes unsigned integer number type (0..18446744073709551615)

siBlobType* pblobval

siBlobType value

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