CValueChangeNotification Class Reference
CValueChangeNotification Class Reference

#include <xsi_viewnotification.h>

Class Description

Holds information about a value change Event. When a Custom Display is being hosted by the Custom Display Host, this notification will be sent to that custom display whenever a value has changed in the scene.

See also:
ViewContext, Custom Display Host

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Public Member Functions

  CValueChangeNotification ()
  ~CValueChangeNotification ()
const CRef GetOwner () const
const CString GetComponentName () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Default constructor.

Default destructor.

Member Function Documentation

const CRef& GetOwner ( ) const

Returns a CRef that is the object on which a value has changed

CRef The object on which the selection has changed
const CString& GetComponentName ( ) const

Returns a a string that represents the component that has changed

CString The component path

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