CScriptErrorDescriptor Class Reference
CScriptErrorDescriptor Class Reference

#include <xsi_status.h>

Class Description

This class extends the CStatus object with additional error details if a Script Error has occured.

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Public Member Functions

  CScriptErrorDescriptor (CStatus::Code in_code=OK)
  CScriptErrorDescriptor (LONG in_code)
CString  GetDescription () const
ULONG  GetErrorLineNumber () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructs a CScriptErrorDescriptor based on one of the CStatus::Code values.

in_code Error code to set
CScriptErrorDescriptor ( LONG  in_code )

Constructs a CScriptErrorDescriptor

in_code Error number to set

Member Function Documentation

CString GetDescription ( ) const

Return an string containing the error message that describes the script error. It will return an empty string if no script error occurred.

CString An error string

Reimplemented from CStatus.

ULONG GetErrorLineNumber ( ) const

Get the line number within the script that caused the script error. It will return 0 if no script error occurred.

ULONG Line number, where the first line of a script is line zero

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