Init (Renderer)

Init (Renderer)


This callback is called when the Render Manager needs the plug-in to describe what operations the renderer can perform, which file formats it supports, any properties it provides, and, in case it supports exporting, which file extension to use for archives.

The plug-in must provide at least one process type, one file format and register a property to use to control the renderer (with the siRenderPropertyOptions enumeration value). If any of these are missing, the registration fails.

Applies To

Custom Renderers


CStatus <renderer_name>_Init( CRef& in_context )

<renderer_name> is the name specified in the call to PluginRegistrar::RegisterRenderer, with any spaces converted to underscores.


Parameter Language Type Description
in_context C++ CRef& A reference to the RendererContext object. Context::GetSource returns the Renderer.

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