SubmitEvaluationPhaseInfo (ICE Nodes)

SubmitEvaluationPhaseInfo (ICE Nodes)


This callback is required in the multi-phase evaluation mode for specifying the ports to be pulled for the current evaluation phase. It is called by Softimage until you declare the last phase with the ICENodeContext::SetLastEvaluationPhase function. See Multi-Phase Custom ICENode for more information.

Applies To

Custom ICENodes


CStatus <icenode_name>_SubmitEvaluationPhaseInfo( CRef& in_context )

<icenode_name> is the name specified in the call to PluginRegistrar::RegisterICENode, with any spaces converted to underscores.


Parameter Language Type Description
in_context C++ CRef& A reference to the ICENodeContext object. Context::GetSource returns the ICENode.

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