Creates a new action. This command can create create static actions by taking a snapshot of current parameter values. It can also remove animation from parameters and put it in an action.

Warning: If an an action contains different types of animation (for example, fcurves and expressions), you may have problems exporting it back to SI|3D.

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = StoreAction( [Model], [InputObj], [Mode], [Name], [RemoveAnim], [StartFrame], [EndFrame], [Consider Time], [Ripple], [AddClip], [ClipOffset], [IncludeAnimLayers] );

Return Value

Returns the ActionSource.


Parameter Type Description
Model String The model on which to put the new source action.
InputObj String List of animatable parameters to put into the action.

Default Value: Based on current marking and selection.

Mode Integer Specifies what animation and values to put in the action.

Default Value: 1

Possible Values:


0 Put no data into the action (creates an empty action).
1 Put the current parameter values in the action (a static action).
2 Put fcurves to the action.
3 Put expressions to the action.
4 Put constraints to the action.
5 Put fcurves, expressions, and constraints into the action.
6 Put fcurves, expressions, and constraints into the action, and the current values of non-animated parameters.
Name String Name of the new action.
RemoveAnim Boolean True to remove animation when putting it into the action, False to leave it.

Default Value: True

StartFrame Double Start frame for the resulting clip. Also used for copying/cutting when "ConsiderTime" is true.
EndFrame Double End frame for the resulting clip. Also used for copying/cutting when "ConsiderTime" is true.
Consider Time Boolean Whether to use the given start/end time and ripple flag to allow copying/cutting of keys.

Default Value: False

Ripple Boolean Whether to ripple when cutting keys. Only used if "ConsiderTime" and "RemoveAnim" are true.

Default Value: False

AddClip Boolean True to apply the stored source as a clip on the mixer after storing.

Default Value: False

ClipOffset Double Start frame for the new clip. Only considered if "AddClip" is true.
IncludeAnimLayers Boolean True to include FCurves on base and animation layers, False to only include FCurves on base layer. If "AddClip" is true, the animation layers will all be muted.

Default Value: False