Duplicates objects.

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = SIDuplicate( InputObjs, [NbItems], [PropagationType], [History], [Hierarchy], [Grouping], [Properties], [Animation], [Constraints], [TextureSupports] );

Return Value

Returns an XSICollection object that contains the list of duplicates.


Parameter Type Description
InputObjs String Objects to duplicate.

Default Value: Current selection

NbItems Long Number of items to duplicate

Default Value: 1

PropagationType siBranchFlag Duplicate the branch or just the node (not implemented)

Default Value: siUnspecified

History siDupHistory How to duplicate object construction history (not implemented)

Default Value: siCurrentHistory

Hierarchy siDupParent How to parent duplicate. (not implemented for objects)

Default Value: siNoParent

Grouping siDupGroup How to group duplicated object

Default Value: siNoGrouping

Properties siDupProperty How to duplicate properties (not implemented)

Default Value: siDuplicateProperties

Animation siDupAnimation How to duplicate animation (not implemented)

Default Value: siDuplicateAnimation

Constraints siDupConstraint How to duplicate constraints (not implemented)

Default Value: siDuplicateConstraints

TextureSupports siDupTextureSupport How to duplicate texture supports

Default Value: siDuplicateSelectedTextureSupports


VBScript Example

dim list
GetPrim "Cone", "MyCone"
set list = SIDuplicate( "MyCone" )
InspectObj list

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